Horror Scribes- a short story by Sue Dawes -WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION


Sue Dawes was one of the winners of a competition run by Horror Scribes, which is a relatively new Horror story website.  The competition was to write a horror story using one of the ‘days’ of the poem, ‘Monday’s child’.  The other conditions were that the short story had to be set in the time the poem was written and contain 100 words.


Drabbles – What are they?


A ‘Drabble’ is a 100 word story, generally science fiction.

Like a Haiku, the best Drabbles have a twist at the end.  The best way to approach writing a Drabble is to write a longer story, with the usual beginning, middle and end and pare it down (with a cleaver rather than a filleting knife).  And finally, invest in (or bookmark) a thesaurus.  It will help you to reduce your word count and yet allow you to say so much more.

Drabbles by Sue Dawes can be found on the Specklit website.  For some prompts see here.