Writing Achievements

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Buried in Meaning (To be published) Contemporary Haibun Online (August) HAIBUN
Tethered (published) Failed Haiku Issue 67 (July) HAIBUN
Keeping the Wolf from the door (Published) Flash Flood Journal (June 26th at 6.15pm) FAIRYTALE/HORROR
Aroma therapy (Published) in the Summer 2021 edition of The New Welsh Review. SPECULATIVE
Salt Tears (Published)  Janus Literary Anthology 2021 SPECULATIVE
Coming of Age (2nd Place) Published in Wivenhoe News (March 2021) FANTASY
The Angel in the Asylum (Shortlisted) Writers Forum (March 2021)
The Corridor (Longlisted) BPA Pitch Prize (Dec 2020) SPECULATIVE
Flash fiction (Runner-up) Fusilli flash fiction (Dec 2020)
The Angel in the Asylum (Longlisted) Retreat West short story Competition (Dec 2020) HISTORICAL
The War on Memory (Published) Potato Soup Journal (October 2020) LITERARY
The Odds of Dying (Shortlisted) Writers Forum (July 2021) COMEDY
Cutting the Cord (2nd Round) THE NYC Midnight 100 word Micro fiction competition  (July 2021)
The Illusion (Runner-up) Fusilli Flash Fiction (June 2020)
Lockdown in Squirrel Lodge (Longlisted) SandstonePress Short Fiction Competition (May 2020)
The Undertaking (Published), Winter Chill anthology,Museum of Walking (April 2020) CRIME
My Father who art in Clapham (Publishedrunner-up, Fusilli Flash fiction, (January 2020) CRIME
Battle Dress (Published) winner of the Fusilli Flash Fiction competition (June 2019) CRIME
Last call to Donate (Shortlisted) Writers Forum (May 2019) SPECULATIVE
The transformation (Published) 101 Flash (April 2019) LITERARY
The Out  (Published) Writers Forum (April 2019) CRIME
Pride comes before a fall (Published)Pride’ Pure Slush (May 2019) SPECULATIVE
No more Wonderland (Published) Pure Slush ‘Envy’ LITERARY
Treading Water (Published) Writer’s Forum (October 2018) CRIME
No more Wonderland (Published) Pure Slush ‘Envy’ LITERARY
The Change (Published) Poetry postcard for Off the Rails & the ‘M’ Festival May 2018 LITERARY
Brushwork (Published) Poetry Wivenhoe (Sept 2017) POETRY
Boudiccas Righteous Vengeance ( Published) Essex Belongs to Us  March 2017 HISTORICAL
Red Xmas (Shortlisted and published) Horror Scribes competition Dec 2016 SPECULATIVE
The Witches Bottle (Published)  A Great Little Gallimaufry (December 2016) Hospice Anthology SPECULATIVE
‘Tuesday’s child’, (Winner)  Horror Scribes Fright Cards writing competition (Oct 2016) HORROR
‘The Mind Trap’, (Shortlisted) Madeline Milburn Summer competition (Oct 2016)
Artifice‘, (Winner and Published)  DeadPretty Hull crime Competition (August 2016) CRIME
‘The Out’, (Shortlisted)  Essex Book Festival Crime competition (July 2016) CRIME
The Art of Seduction’,  (Long-listed) CWA Margery Allingham Competition (March 2016) CRIME
The Yaquona Mattress‘, (Published)  Island Review (Feb 2016) LITERARY
Final Line in the Twitter #ministory  (Winner)  Penguin Books UK (Feb 2016) SPECULATIVE
‘Drabbles ‘, (Published)  Speklit (Aug 2015) SPECULATIVE
Dead Impressed’, (Winner)  Criminal Lines Novel Competition (March 2015) CRIME
‘Boudicca’s Righteous Vengeance‘, (Shortlisted)  Legendary Women Competition (Sept 2015) HISTORICAL
‘The Witches Bottle’, (Published)  Patrician Press (Dec 2013) SPECULATIVE
‘Cream tease‘, (Runner-up) Global Short story competition (Mar 2013) SPECULATIVE
‘TAG’, (Shortlisted) CWA Debut Dagger Award (2013) CRIME
Myths and Missiles‘, (Shortlisted)  Essex Book Festival ‘Get it Writ’ competition (Dec 2012) LITERARY
Sierra Leone‘, (Shortlisted)  Fish Flash fiction competition (May 2012) LITERARY
A Hundred Perforations‘, (Shortlisted and Published) Ip Art short story competition (July 2012) LITERARY
‘Isolation,’ (Published)  Kazka Press (May 2012) SPECULATIVE
The Twelve Apostles’, (Published) Kazka Press (Feb 2012) SPECULATIVE
Mind the Gap’, (Published) New Writing’ in Mslexia (Jan 2012) LITERARY
‘The Highwayman’ (Runner-up) The Very Short Story (Nov 2011) SPECULATIVE
‘The Morpheus Agency,’ (Winner and Published)  Five Stop Story Competition (Oct 2011) CRIME
‘Hals Ladder,’  (Winner and Published) The Mystery Women Short story competition (March 2011)  CRIME
Essex is History’, (Runner-up) Essex Matters Short Story Competition (Oct 2010). CRIME